Halal Turnkey Solutions provides Supervision & Advisory services on various financial propositions. We let you explore ideas from a Halal perspective with just a few key strokes or a phone call. Having a direct access to shariah experts makes it it easy for you to share information and better understanding of how your institution would function in the world of Shariah compliant businesses.

Our professionals possess the vision and experience from multiple disciplines with a wide range of business and industry knowledge beyond the banking and insurance sectors towards a wide range of industries such as energy, agricultural, pharmaceutical, real-estate, retail, manufacturing, and transportation and with many more to come.

We provide tailor made suite of services for businesses as per their need hence we assist in reviewing, structuring and restructuring and developing shariah guidelines for your business model, investments, contracts, operations, marketing, HR, purchases, and sales.

When an institute employs our services, our in-house team gets seamlessly integrated into the value chain of your organizations regulatory mandate and essentially liberate the organization of its responsibility and need for a Shariah Department or persons.

Our ultimate goal is to take care of all the shariah matters from certification to shariah audits and providing you with a better and safe solutions so that you freely concentrate on what you are best at and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Beside Shariah advisory, we help clients to identify and form their own Shariah Boards, our team trains your staff and departments according to your customized needs, hence develop a customized in house shariah expertise.