Concept of Halal foods and FMGs has created a colossal market of more than a trillion US Dollars. Recently, over the past several years, there has been a melodramatically demand for HALAAL certified products. Globally, Companies are seeking reliable HALAL certification to gain consumer confidence, expand their existing market and enhance sales strategies. Anticipating this need, we at ESAAC offer Halaal Consultancy Services to companies seeking an edge over other by providing greater customer satisfaction. This Halaal certification opens doors to new opportunities constructing a way forward to larger untapped marketing avenues.

ESAAC HALAL CERTIFICATION COMPANY PVT LTD (EHCCPL) is a Halal Certification Body, providing Halal certification services. (EHCCPL) offers proficient customized services to its clients by blending Shariah knowledge of our scholars with Halaal skills of our professionals. We have deep functional and industry expertise. Our customized approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage so that they are able to build organizations that are more capable and secure lasting results. In other words, ESAAC is a one-stop solution to an organization’s Halaal certification needs.


EHCCPL ensures that their services are of premium quality. A senior seasoned scholar reviews the research/audit conducted by our professionals. Any gaps identified, are reprocessed and finalized before we present to the client. The key to our cost efficiency and premium service is our diversified experience and multiple assignments that enables us to hire in-house senior scholars and seasoned business professionals and benefit from their global experiences.

Focusing mainly on our Halal Certification services, despite in our initial years’ strategic plan to penetrate local the market, alhamdulillah, we are experiencing a great success beyond our expectations.
We also focus on creating industry wide awareness that helps organizational development of human capital. Beside this, we provide in-house training courses and customize research.


A team of seasoned entrepreneurs, business professionals, and well-reputed Shariah scholars, who are equipped with contemporary education form EHCCPL. We offer halal certification.

Although EHCCPL is, newly formed firm yet is capable of providing high quality services as our team members possess Shariah, Halal regulation, business and legal qualifications with a decade’s experience in reviewing, auditing and certification work. We provide you with shariah advice that is enhanced by extensive experience, legal and business insights.


EHCCPL works with organizations who have seen success of their enterprise but are desperate to organize and establish Halal Certification within their products and services. If you are not one of them then you are not at the right place!! Developing these systems will help you fulfill your religious or regulatory obligations.
At EHCCPL it is our utmost priority to ease you by providing a smooth turnkey solution for transforming your organization into a complete Halal Certified company. This will help you concentrate on your core business activity.
Our primacy is not only to guide according to Shariah Laws but we integrate market knowledge of practitioners and try to provide a unique and easily applicable and most fruitful substitute for business entities which could help them operate business more effectively and efficiently.
We have a team of Qualified & Experienced Halal System Auditors, Corporate Trainers, Shariah scholars, technical experts and well-reputed food scientists. They have a diversified experience of training, auditing, for Halaal certification to a vast span of industries including textile, pharmaceutical, food, hospitals, cosmetics, restaurants, abattoirs etc.